There are so many sounds we could use to describe this time of year. The whir of cooler winds. The buzz of alarm clocks before the sun rises. But there is one sound that sets this time of year apart from all the others. The grumbling. Low at first, the sounds of kids grumbling around the country grows as more and more head back to school. Why is going back to school so bad? Maybe it’s the earlier bed time. Or maybe it’s the homework. Or maybe it’s the bus trips. For whatever reason they choose, kids all around speak the same language this time of year: grumble. But why all the grumble? Going back to school has so many great things going for it. All of the people you missed over the summer are back together. Brand new cool experiences are right ahead of us in our classrooms. And, our personal favorite, we are able to add so much to our minds. For us at Big Thinkers, however, back to school time is exciting! We’ve spent all summer concocting experiments to present and debut in schools, and have been itching to try them out. New scientists come on board with some pretty amazing talents. Our friends in schools give us a call to plan new classroom adventures for you, the students. And, most importantly, we get to hang out with you guys! This year, we’re aiming to have one of our biggest and best years yet, and we challenge you to do the same. You could grow taller. You could run faster. You could read more books this year than all others combined! You could invent a homework speeder-upper. Or a bouncy ball with a GPS, so it never gets lost. Anything could happen! School gives you the things you need, or resources, to expand your mind and imagination to their greatest heights. So, this year, lets change the sounds of the season. Let’s laugh, cheer and get excited for the awesome things to come!