Hello! Welcome Big Thinkers Science Exploration: the birthplace of science rock stars in Atlanta since 2005. Hopefully you are here because you saw what we were about and wanted to come along for the ride, but here’s a quick refresher, in case you need it. We are a hands-on science based education and entertainment company that provides students in the Metro Atlanta area the opportunity to get up close and personal with science! We have variety of types of programs: after-school clubs, workshops, birthday parties, assemblies/shows, hands-on-booths and summer camps.

Here in our laboratory are a variety of tools and equipment specifically designed for the edutainment of kids from 4-12 years old. But what takes Big Thinkers over the top is our instructors. Our training staff at Big Thinkers will make sure you have everything you need to perform your best, from equipment and content manuals, to hands on and video trainings and observations. However, there are a few things we require from our instructors. As we go through the list, say “Check!” aloud to let your interviewer know you’ve got these things down pat. (No seriously, Nick is watching)

1. Reliable Car/ Mobile Phone- We are a mobile business, meaning our instructors drive out to our locations. Reliable transportation is a must. In addition, we contact our instructors on the go, so mobile phones are a necessity too.

2. Flexible Schedule- Because our programs are determined by our bookings, the schedule changes week to week. Having instructors with flexible schedules is a must and a plus because it allows us the ability to give them more programs.

3. College Course Work- Having a good footing in college allows us to train our instructors with ease.

4. Great Sense of Humor- Part of the job is having fun and being silly with our kids. Instructors who excel at this are generally laughers themselves.

5. A General Love for Learning- Our instructors are given extensive training, meaning they learn too, so liking to learn is a plus.

6. Great Personality- Though we can give you virtually everything else for your programs, we have yet to master the creation of personalities, so we depend on our instructors for these things.

Did you say 6 checks? Then you, my friend, are ready to don the coveted white lab coat. Rock on, rock stars.