Have you ever watched the show MythBusters? Well, if you haven’t, we’ll sum it up for you in one word. Awesome. Just plain awesome. Okay, that was four words, but that’s truly how awesome the show is. The hosts of the show, who are all experts in a variety of sciences, perform experiments to tests some of the myths we’ve all heard about. For instance, on one show the scientists proved that elephants are afraid of mice! One of the things we at Big Thinkers love most about the show is the way the experiments are performed. For many experiments, the scientists first perform the tests on a table or lab bench. Then, as we say at Big Thinkers, they MAKE IT BIGGER! The experiments become huge! Toy cars replaced with real cars! A tiny diver and kiddie pool replaced with an actual scientist and a lake! See! Just plain awesome. Unfortunately, experiments this big can often be dangerous, so kids aren’t allowed to try ANY of the experiments they see. Adam and Jamie and the rest of the MythBusters crew are trained scientists with years of experience and education, so they can safely perform these experiments. But is there anywhere kids could get a chance to try some cool experiments of their own?We’re going to let you in on a little secret. Your chance may be right under your nose. Many schools have now begun to host science clubs before and after school hours. These clubs allow kids like you to try their hand at a variety of experiments. Instructors in these clubs give kids hands on experience with really cool topics, like plants or machines or space. Some clubs even let kids try explosions of their own! One of our favorite science club experiments at Big Thinkers involves an explosion. Now, to see what it is you’d have to be in our club, but let’s just say there’s a flying film canister and one excited antacid involved. When you get a chance, check out your school to see if you have any cool science clubs available before and after school. And, if they ask, tell them Big Thinkers sent you!