For most kids, the number one reason to join any after school club or activity is, well, FUN! (Sorry about the shout. We tend to shout FUN a lot at Big Thinkers.) Some of the best times in a kid’s life happen in an afterschool program. But, did you know that there were scientific reasons afterschool clubs and activities were great? Wait, you’re scientists, so, of course you did! In honor of our more than seven years of science fun, we at Big Thinkers wanted to share with you our top SEVEN scientific reasons afterschool programs are beneficial, or helpful, for kids. Drumroll please…



7. Safety- Many schools created after school clubs to keep kids safe. In doing research, scientists have found that the time after school can get a little dangerous for kids. After school clubs keep kids out of harms way.

6. Parent Helpers- Sometimes parents aren’t able to get right home when their kids get home. After school clubs give parents a little extra time to finish work so they can hang out with their kids later.

5. Time Management- As you get older, being able to get everything done becomes more and more important. After school clubs help you learn how to balance your time and show you how to include fun on even the busiest of days.

4. Responsibility- A lot of times we have to learn responsibility with things like homework and lunches. But after school clubs give you a fun way to learn. Not having your tools means limits to your fun, so you learn to keep up with them!

3. Teamwork- Much of being an adult requires teamwork, so it’s an important skill to master. After school clubs allow you to work with friends and new faces to achieve a goal, like the world’s biggest baking soda and vinegar volcano. (see )

2. Creativity- The new experiences you gain in after school clubs help expand your imagination. The more you experience the fewer limits you believe you have to achieve. Now that’s pretty cool.

And the number one scientific reason Big Thinkers believe after school clubs are great is…..

1. Your BRAIN- That’s right, the star of your life is our number one reason! After school activities promote, or add to, the growth and development of your brain. All of the skills you gain in afterschool clubs create brand knew connections of knowledge. That helps you to put more pieces into this big puzzle we call our world. And that, our friends, is truly GREAT!