Below are a few of the workshop topics that we offer. Feel free to inquire if you do not see a specific topic that you are looking for.

What is Dry Ice?

Dry Ice might be one of the most interesting substances in our laboratory! Is it a solid? Is it a liquid? Is it a gas? It is one of the coolest ways to learn about physical phase changes. Join us as we experiment with this unique substance!

Chemical Changes

Welcome to the world of chemistry! Chemicals can be a great science discovery tool. Your students will strap on their goggles and safely conduct experiments that exhibit awesome chemical changes!

What’s the Matter?

Matter is all around us! The Big Thinkers have found a way to make it FUN! We delve into states of matter, changes in matter, and much more! Make model molecules, create a non-Newtonian fluid, and experiment with a HUGE Hoberman’s Sphere!

So You Wanna Fly?

This just in… Enroll in Big Thinkers “Flight School” and become a high-flying “ace.” We start with the classic four forces of flight… then move our way to making cool paper airplanes and other things that fly… and end up with an awesome Big Thinker glider jet that you can take home!

Acids and Bases

What’s an acid? What’s a base? Why are they different? What happens if you mix them??? All great questions with great answers that the Big Thinkers will reveal! Conduct awesome acid/base reactions that will amuse and dazzle. Using red cabbage, create one of the coolest acid/base indicator experiments! Experiment with the Alka-Seltzer rocket (and take one home!)

Creepy Crawly Critters

In this class, we take an up-close look at the world of BUGS! Join the Big Thinkers as we classify different types of insects, explore insect habitats, and build your very own bug model!

The Great Dino Dig!

Our Dinosaur workshop is like no other! It’s all about Dino Science! What is a dinosaur? Where did they live? What did they eat? How do we find their bones today? Your Jr. Paleontologist will conduct their very own research to piece together the story of the Great Dino Dig!

Out of This World!

This Big Thinkers workshop is all about OUTER SPACE! We explore the planets, moons, asteroids, and comets! No space workshop would be complete without discussing space travel! You may even make a model comet to take home!

It’s Just Rocket Science!

When can you actually launch a real rocket into the air AT SCHOOL? When the Big Thinkers are around! This workshop focuses on the past, present, and future of space travel. We discuss propulsion, parts of the rocket, launch safety, and how space travel has affected our life on Earth!

Ooey Gooey Science

It’s ooey! It’s gooey! It’s Big Thinkers Slime! Your students will love how our Big Thinkers Slime is made. Get your hands dirty while we learn about chemical changes and characteristics of polymers!

Electricity… It’s ALIVE!

The electricity workshop is one of our favorites! We test conductors and insulators; we make our own circuit (…you even take one home!) You will be delighted as the Big Thinkers bring hands-on learning to this shocking subject!

Eye Can’t Believe It!

Sometimes it looks like our eyes our playing tricks on us! Explore incredible optical illusions as we prove that there may be “more than meets the eye.” Test your eyes with a wacky magic box, mysterious moving eye pictures, and make your own animation wheel!

The Science of Sound!

This dynamic workshop is all about SOUND! After we discuss sound waves, vibrations, and how sound travels, we use loads of tools to see it in action. Tuning forks! Singing glasses! Sound blasters! As an added bonus, you even make your very own Glove-o-phone (a Big Thinker favorite)!

Taste of Science

Science tastes great! This workshop explores all the interesting characteristics of our tongue! We challenge our taste buds with a set of taste tests that only the Big Thinkers could provide! You’ll leave this workshop with a tasty experiment you can share!

The Pressure’s On!

Pressure’s all around us. But what is it? This cool workshop takes an out-the-box look at the effects of pressure, what causes it, and the science behind it. Experiment with pressure changes in water and in air. Your children will be amazed with the Big Thinker hot air balloon before they make their very own At-Home Pressure Exploration Kit.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Everyone should try to recycle, but what is the science behind recycling? How does recycling work? Investigate the impact of recycling, reusing, and reducing. Even make your own recycled paper!


Explore the 8 different types of ecosystems on earth! Learn why sunlight and rainfall determine the ecosystem’s climate! Learn more about these regions and the animals that live there! Create your very own food web!

Our Underground Helpers!

Do you like worms? Do you like ants? Well, you’ll love this workshop that explores the life of our friendly animal recyclers and decomposers. We’ll explore what parts make up a real worm… and you get to take some (gummy) worms home!

Extreme Weather!

Tornadoes, hail, thunderstorms, lightning, blizzards, and hurricanes are all examples of extreme weather. Learn about water cycles, cloud formation, and much more! Join the Big Thinkers as we take a hands-on approach to radical weather patterns!

Rocks and Minerals!

What’s more interesting than rocks and minerals? Not much! We love rocks and minerals!!! Join the Big Thinkers as we delve into the wonderful world of PETROLOGY! We will determine the difference between rocks and minerals and how they are related via cool experiments like mineral identification, geode exploration, and indoor spelunking!

Forces and Motion!

Inertia! Friction! Gravity! Students will explore the relationship between push and pull with experiments that involve change of speed, rotations, and acceleration! From spinning buttons to centrifugal balloons, this class is sure to be a hit!


Perhaps one of the most underrated (yet very important) science skills is our ability to sort and classify! That is why we developed a class on it! Join us as we sort all sorts of things (get it J)! From living to non-living things, reptiles to mammals, apples to oranges… we explore what TAXONOMY is all about!


Let there be light! This investigation is all about light and its many applications! We experiment HANDS-ON with how light bends, how light moves, how light reflects and refracts, and much more! Determine the difference between UV light and visible light! Create cool light waves! Make your own rainbow!


Opposites attract! This class is devoted to magnetism! Magnets are all around us! But what exactly is a magnet? And how does it work? Our hands-on approach allows students to get an up-close view at the workings of magnets. Make an electromagnet! Use a magnet to make a motor! Levitate a magnet!


Plants are amazing! Learn more about BOTANY in this awesome workshop. Plants provide us with so much of what we need to survive… oxygen, food source, support of life processes, medicine, etc. Join the Big Thinkers as we explore the parts of plants, the basic needs of plants… and you can’t have a class on plants without planting something!!!


Zoology is the study of animals. And that’s exactly what the Big Thinker intend to do! From your pet dog to a killer whale, we take an exploratory look at what make an animal… an animal! We look at the animal kingdom and discuss and experiment with body structure, animal behavior, and animal diversity. If you are an animal lover (which we are), you are gonna love this workshop!


From kinetic to potential, there’s a lot to learn about energy! The Big Thinkers use some very neat scientific “toys” to explore how energy is transferred. Where does energy come from? Where does it go? Can it disappear? Lots of questions can be answered as we take a Newtonian look at ENERGY!!!

Life Cycles

It’s the circle of life! Join the Big Thinkers with this cool workshop that explores the very different life cycles of a few organisms. Frogs, butterflies, bears, and humans… we all have a different path through life. This unique workshop takes an in-depth look at what behaviors (and why) organisms exhibit through life!

The Properties of Heat

We can feel it but do we know what it is? It’s HEAT! Delve into this interesting topic with experiments that warm us up and cool us down! Use a hot-air popcorn popper to experiment with heat expansion! Strap on your goggles as we conduct a cool exothermic chemical reaction!