We offer five exciting shows!

It’s Electric!

“It’s Electric!” is an exciting exploration of electricity and heat!  Questions such as “What is electricity?” will be addressed in this interactive presentation!  Watch the Big Thinkers experiment with a 50,000 volt Tesla Coil!  Come on stage and place your hands on the hair-raising electrostatic generator!  Determine if electricity creates heat with the Big Thinker Indoor Lightning Strike!  Experiment with levitation using the FunFlyStick and static electricity!  It’s electrifying!!!

Air Up There!

Air… it’s all around us… but do what do we really know about it??? The Big Thinkers explore the properties of air and pressure in this thrilling presentation.  Between the floating beach balls and the floating children (via the Big Thinkers hovercraft), this show is sure to be a blast!  Join the Big Thinkers on stage and launch screaming rocket balloons!  Watch your head as the Big Thinkers Smoke Ring Cannon aims for the crowd! Who ever thought something as simple as air could be this FUN?!?

Freeze Frame!

“Freeze Frame!” is the Big Thinkers’ chilling look into the world of dry ice!  Discover what dry ice is and how it behaves.  Create huge plumes of foggy carbon dioxide!  Explore effects of carbonation with the Big Thinker Soda Pop!  Catch dry ice bubbles in your hands… or on your head!

Phenomenal Physics!

“I can feel the force!”  You will be amazed as you explore the whirring world of physics!  Defy gravity as you make water levitate!  Gain a new perspective about inertia with some “skate board science.”  Observe awesome flashes of heat as we convert energy from potential to kinetic.  This PHYSICS show is PHABULOUS!!!

Big Thinkers Laboratory

“The Big Thinkers Laboratory” (The Lab, for short…) is full of amazing chemical reactions.  If you like to mix things up and see what happens, this is the show for you!  Watch out as large exothermic reactions burst into the air!  Get a front row seat as “burning money” seems to defy belief!  Come on stage and help launch the Big Thinkers Indoor Rockets!  Strap on some goggles because this dynamic show make get a little messy!