Yes! We are fully insured.
Booths are a great addition to any event! We can do them at school carnivals or festivals, corporate events, science fairs or anywhere else you would like to incorporate fun, interactive science!
All of the Big Thinkers have extensive experience working with school-age children and science. In addition they have undergone rigorous training to become experts on the workshop topics offered. They all have clean background checks as well.
We do offer volume pricing on several of our programs. We also run specials from time to time. Please ask us when you are booking your program!
YES! We will gladly customize any of our programs to fit your theme and audience. We can also help you plan an event that incorporates several different programs (ie- your event could include: a science show, two hands-on booths and a fun station). There will be an additional charge added to your balance for customized programs.
YES! Give us a call with the details of your event and we would be more than happy to help you find the right program.
We are always looking for people with flexible schedules, who love children and most importantly love SCIENCE! You can send your information to us at
We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards (American Express, Discover, Visa and Mastercard). We can take these payments over the phone, by mail or you can pay online via PayPal.
All that we require to secure your preferred date and time is a non-refundable deposit of 50%.
One Big Thinkers Scientist who has been trained on the experiments will be at your program ready to educate and entertain your guests. Many of our scientists are actors or teachers and know how to interact positively with children. They are also able to make the science relevant to your guests’ age range.
We do have multiple time slots available each day but in order to increase the likelihood of getting your first choice date and time we suggest booking 3-5 weeks in advance. Please also have a second choice of time and date ready when you call, just in case.
You can book a Big Thinkers Science program one of several ways. You can call us in the office at 678-392-1500; we are available Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. You can also send us a message through our “contact us” form.
We have a variety of entertaining and educational science programs including Birthday Parties, Workshops, Shows/Assemblies, After School Clubs, Hands-on Booths, Summer Camps and Scout Badge Programs! As long as it involves children and science, we are there!
We serve the Greater Atlanta Area, since we are completely mobile it is easy for us to pack up and come to you! Programs held outside the City of Atlanta are subject to a nominal travel fee.
We currently have programs for Elementary age children, 5-12 years old. We also have programs available for preschool children ages 3-5 years.

Science Camp

We offer online registration
We secure several locations throughout the Atlanta area. Check back soon to see our locations for the Summer of 2014!
NO. We request that the campers bring a sack lunch each day.
Camp is from 8am-4pm. We allow the first and last hour for drop off and pick up so the instruction time is from 9am-3pm daily. We vary our instructional time so that the campers are inside and outside each day with lots of fun activities that relate to the topic being discussed. We also allow for snack time and lunch time during the day.
We run week long camps all summer and our curriculum is not cumulative, so a camper can choose to come the first and fourth weeks and would not be missing anything.
We do cap our enrollment at 25 campers. We like to keep a student to teacher ratio of 12:1.

Birthday Parties

We will bring a tarp or sheet to put down to help minimize the mess and will also stay after the party is over to clean up and leave everything like we found it. Slime will also come out of the carpet or any cloth with a wet paper towel and a little bit of soap.
Our parties range from 45-60 minutes, depending on the upgrades you add to your basic party package. We will arrive 15 minutes early to set-up and will take about 15 minutes after the party to clean up.
We will have a birthday party any day of the week. Our weekday (Monday-Friday) parties have a very flexible time schedule. The weekend parties (Saturday and Sunday) are divided into three time slots: 11:30am or earlier, 2:30pm exactly and 5:30pm or later.
No! We do break our parties into three groups the first being 20 guests or less, the second group is 30 guests or less and if you are planning on having more than 30 guests we request that you book a Science Show.
All that we ask is that you have a small table (a card table is perfect!) and access to water and electricity. We bring the rest!
We will come to your child’s party and provide the guests with an entertaining as well as educational program. We make slime that they can take home with them and we offer several ways you can make your party unique. You can upgrade your party with any of our add-ons: Bubbling Potions, Cotton Candy or a Rocket Launch. Your guests will be talking about the party for weeks!
Big Thinkers is a completely moblie company, we bring the party to you! Whether it’s your living room, community center, church gym or anywhere else.


You can check out all of the workshops and descriptions if you click on the Programs tab at the top of the page.

We can work with the school to create some different payment options. We also offer volume pricing so the more workshops that a single school books the cheaper they will be.
We know that science is an expensive subject to teach and not all schools or teachers have access to scientific equipment or supplies, that is where we come in. We bring in all the scientific equipment and allow the students to play with it and learn first hand what science is all about. We come in to supplement the curriculum already in place, not to replace it.

Many of our workshops correlate with the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) and can be used to help students further understand the science curriculum.

Our workshops last for 50-60 minutes and provide the students with hands-on learning experiences. We also give each student a take-home activity that they have either made in class or can complete at home with their parents.
We do cap our workshops at 25 kids. Since we do provide the hands-on learning experience we like to have smaller student to teacher ratios.

We can do workshops pretty much anywhere. Many teachers use them as “In-Class Field Trips” so that the kids can have something fun to do without leaving the classroom. We can also do workshops with day care facilities, summer camps and existing after school programs.

Our Science Workshops are a way for kids to get hands-on experience with some really cool science topics. We bring in equipment and experiments that relate back to a specific topic and allow the kids an opportunity to experience science first hand.

After School Science Club

If you book 2 sessions (ie- two 6 week After School Clubs) you can become what we call a “Partner School”. With that you will get the option to have a free Big Thinkers Science Assembly to excite the kids and let them know about the club, a free Big Thinkers Birthday Party to use as a raffle or give away and a free Big Thinkers Hands-on Booth to use at a school event such as a Fall Festival.
Anyone! We work with PTA, Principals, existing After School Club Directors, parents, teachers, everyone! As long as you have a connection to the school and have a way to get it approved through the proper channels then you can call and set up a club at your school!
We work that out on a school by school basis. We can pick up the children from their classrooms or they can be dismissed to the Club classroom. For pick-up we can have the parents come to the classroom or we can wait with the students in the carpool lane.
We require a minimum of 6 weeks to do a science club but can book one for the entire school year or anywhere in between! Each club is one hour a day, one day a week.
We do all of our own marketing, so we send out registration forms, provide signs with our information, that can be placed in the car pool lanes as well as posters that can be put up around the school. The parents contact us and schedule payments. Once the registration period is over we provide the school with a roster that includes the student and parents information.
NOTHING! After School Clubs can be set up at no cost to the school. We charge each student an all inclusive, one time registration fee and that is all! The only thing the school provides is a space to hold the club, such as a classroom, cafeteria, etc.
We require a minimum of 14 students with a maximum of 21 students. Since we do provide the hands-on learning experience we like to have smaller student to teacher ratios.
The Big Thinkers after school science club is a way for kids to learn about science in a non-traditional classroom setting. We will come in once a week and teach science to the students. We require a minimum of 6 weeks but can book as many weeks as you like for your science club.

The students will get a chance to experience science in a hands-on, up close setting. They will get a take home project each week, that they either complete in class or can finish at home with their parents.

Shows / Assemblies

Currently we have five different shows available. They are Freeze Frame is a show all about dry ice. Air Up There which deals with the properties of air and pressure.Phenomenal Physics, a show procession, inertia and conversion. It’s Electric is a show that explores electricity and all its properties. And finally, In the Lab, a show that introduces the audience to the amazing world of chemistry.
We have a 30 minute and a 60 minute show. Many of them can be customized to fit anywhere in between as well (ie- a 45 minute show).
We can do them anywhere you would like, a school gym or cafeteria, church, community center, amusement park, mall, anywhere! We have recently worked with Stone Mountain Park and South DeKalb Mall to bring our fun, interactive and educational shows to their crowds.
We request a table (4-6ft) so that we can set up our experiments. We also like to have access to water and electricity. If you are going to have a crowd of more than 100 people we also require a sound system with a lapel or headset microphone (we cannot use hand held microphones). We can provide our own sound system for an additional fee.
We have shows for audiences up to 300 people.
This is an area where the Big Thinkers really stand apart from the crowd! The shows work best with a stationary crowd that is able to watch a full performance that last between 30-60 minutes. The shows are a fun, fast-paced, energetic way to get a group of up to 300 people excited about science. The Big Thinker will conjure up dry ice storms, run a foam factory and take volunteers on a thrilling hovercraft ride. This program is a guaranteed hit!

Hands-on Booths

You can see all of our booth topics and descriptions if you click on the Programs tab at the top of the page.
No! Since this is best suited for transient crowds there is no minimum or maximum number. We charge on an hourly basis so as many people as can come by in that hour will get to make the project.
These are tables set up for kids to come up and make something with a Big Thinker. We offer several different topics from Slime to Super Bouncy Balls. The kids are allowed to make the project and take it home with them. This works best with a transient crowd.

Scout Program

We come to your pack meetings and help the scouts meet the criteria to earn several different Academic Beltloops and Pins.
Currently we only have scout programs for Cub Scouts. We offer several different programs that work great for packs. Many Cub Scout Packs use our Science Shows at their Blue and Gold Banquets. We also offer workshops that correlate with the Academic Beltloop and Pin requirments.