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5 Websites Where Your Kids Can Learn to Code for Free

Technology has completely changed all of our lives and now our kids do not know a life without technology involved. You will hear many experts share information that this phenomenon is a bad thing that is going on in our society, but it is our feeling that there is a nice balance that can be […]

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Five Fun Fall Science Activities to Try

Try these Festive Five Fun Fall Themed Science Experiments at home!
Post photos of your experiments online to our Facebook page or Twitter
and include with the hashtag #BigThinkersStartSmall.


Bubbling Boos & Popping Pumpkins 

This activity puts a fun, festive spin on the traditional vinegar and baking soda volcanos using a few basic household items.







Pumpkin Guts

Here’s a fun and messy exploration […]

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Top after school reasons

For most kids, the number one reason to join any after school club or activity is, well, FUN! (Sorry about the shout. We tend to shout FUN a lot at Big Thinkers.) Some of the best times in a kid’s life happen in an afterschool program. But, did you know that there were scientific reasons […]

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Become a Big Thinker

Hello! Welcome Big Thinkers Science Exploration: the birthplace of science rock stars in Atlanta since 2005. Hopefully you are here because you saw what we were about and wanted to come along for the ride, but here’s a quick refresher, in case you need it. We are a hands-on science based education and entertainment company […]

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Informal Science

As you can probably guess, we at Big Thinkers believe science is probably one of the most important things there is. Everything in our world has a bit of science in it, so the more we know about science the better we understand what’s around us. This is one of the reasons we learn science […]

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After school

Have you ever watched the show MythBusters? Well, if you haven’t, we’ll sum it up for you in one word. Awesome. Just plain awesome. Okay, that was four words, but that’s truly how awesome the show is. The hosts of the show, who are all experts in a variety of sciences, perform experiments to tests […]

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New year

There are so many sounds we could use to describe this time of year. The whir of cooler winds. The buzz of alarm clocks before the sun rises. But there is one sound that sets this time of year apart from all the others. The grumbling. Low at first, the sounds of kids grumbling around […]

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